I create the world through words, experiences and images. My own inner curiosity always drives me one step further and deeper. I do all this using coaching, photography and writing.

Why coaching? Because I know and believe that we all have everything we need in ourselves. All we need to do is find it.

I'm interested in a person. I like to listen and feel, think and develop together. I like to see a person discover his/her inner superpowers and achieve his/her dreams.

Every meeting is a lesson for me. It gives me an opportunity to see the world through different eyes, through different angles. 

The Values I follow:

Freedom - each of us has the right to choose and decide what is best for us.

Openness - give Life a chance, look at the world through positive curiosity.

Trust - in life and in journey itself.

Commitment - in finding your FLOW.

Respect and honesty - without any judgments and twists, but with warmth and heart.

Being yourself - because you are worth it.

Trainings that have created a change in me:

Erickson International “High Performance Team Coaching

Erickson International “High Performance Team Coaching

Tartu University “Basics of Psychology"

Erickson International “The ART & Science of coaching“, solution-focused coach certificate

Estonian Family Therapy Training Center “Introduction to family psychology and family therapy”

Estonian Association of Communication Coaches, Trainer Training

Various quality management trainings, including under the guidance of Stephen Hacker (USA) and under the guidance of Dr. Noriaki Kano (Japan)

Various management and leadership trainings, including change management, project management, leadership as a success factor, development interviews, employee support and recognition, DISC and teamwork

University of Tartu, Master's Program in European Studies

Audentes International University, Diploma in International Financial Management

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