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I'm interested in a person. I like to listen and feel, think and develop together. I like to see a person discover his/her inner superpowers and achieve his/her dreams.

I like questions. I’ve been asking questions throughout my whole life. There is a power in questions, something that helps to discover the unknown.

I am change. There is something very ancient in change, yet very fresh and creative.


So I create my world. I enjoy the flow of the process, the growing. Every new meeting gives me an opportunity to look at the world with new eyes.

The Values I follow:


Freedom - each of us has the right to choose and decide what is best for us.

Give Life a chance - look at the world through positive curiosity.

Trust - in life and in the journey itself.

Commitment - in finding your FLOW.

Re-spect - without any judgments and twists, but with warmth and heart.

Be yourself - because you are worth it.

Trainings that have created a change in me:

  • EFQM Certified Assessor Transformation Training

  • Erickson International “High Performance Team Coaching

  • Tartu University "Basis of Psychology"

  • Erickson International “The ART & Science of coaching

  • Estonian Family Therapy Association “Introduction to family therapy

  • ESTÜ, Trainers´ Training

  • Various quality management trainings, including under the guidance of Stephen Hacker (USA) and under the guidance of Dr. Noriaki Kano (Japan)

  • Estonian Quality Association, Quality Manager Competence Training

  • Various management trainings, including change management, project management, leadership as a success factor, development interviews, employee support and recognition, DISC and teamwork

Certificates ECI-11509 Tallinn HPTC CC A
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